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Before your internship, do not forget…

Maia Haas 

I know that leaving for another country can be very stressful especially if it is your first experience abroad. An internship in England whether it is for 1, 3, 6 months requires a lot of preparation before leaving. Moving to the United Kingdom is more difficult than in the other European countries in terms of standards and regulations. Being prepared to move will help you once you’re there. All the tips that I’m going to give you are not essential or absolutely necessary but they will help you organizing your trip and leaving your family and friends in good conditions.

Change your money:it seems to be obvious but actually, many people forget it before leaving. Moreover, the exchange rate can vary from one day to another. You should check the exchange rate every day in order to find the best moment to change your money. Try to avoid changing your money in the UK because some currency exchange providers can make profit by establishing high exchange rates. Do it in your country, you will be more confident when you will arrive in the United Kingdom.

Call your bank: Travelling requires funds. First, make sure that you have enough money. Pay attention to the exchange rate: the pound is stronger than the Euro. Anyway, making an appointment with your bank is still the best solution. Let your bank or credit card provider know that you’re going to move to another country so they should expect to see some international charges. Sometimes, your bank can also offer you some services that will reduce these charges.

Buy a power adapter: Maybe you are wondering why, but actually, you have to know that in the UK the electrical outlets are different from the other countries in Europe which have the same standards. Having travelled a lot in the UK, I can assure you that many people forget to take a power adapter with them. Obviously, if you need to charge up your phone or your laptop, you will need it.

Make sure that your identity documents are up to date: The United Kingdom is not part of the Schengen area so you must have your identity documents with you especially if you travel by Eurostar or plane. Even by ferry, the local authorities can ask for your identity documents. Of course, they have to be up to date otherwise you won’t be allowed to cross the border.

Know exactly where you are going: Before leaving, make an itinerary, it will help to know exactly when you are going especially if you have to take public transports as bus or train. You will be assured that you are following the right way.

Some things can seem to be obvious but many people don’t think that the United Kingdom has different standards and laws. I hope that you will use this article as a reminder in order to help you in your preparation. It just remains for me to wish you good luck for your internship!

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