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Be yourself, the key for success

Have you ever thought about the importance of being yourself in a professional enviroment?

Although it might not seem important, being yourself during a job interview is the first step. You have to behave like you do everyday: keep a normal tone of voice, keep eye contact with the person you are going to talk to, don’t lie about your abilities, your passions and your experiences. You have to dress professionally, though trying to keep you own personal style. Be yourself and feel comfortable about it, it’s important. Show your personal and original character traits such as your pastimes and your achievements. This behaviour will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

When you start an experience in a workplace, it’s also very important to show your collegues your real face. Everybody has worried about their clothing at least once, so nevermind. Don’t forget that your collegues will get to know you in a few weeks, then be yourself and avoid imitating.

Research led by University of Houston in Texas and the University of Greenwich in London shows that authenticity at work is not related to the well-being and job satisfaction of the worker. The research shows that people at work are lees authentic than with their partner, relatives and friends. This result did not at all affect how happy they were with their lives and their jobs. On the contrary, a Harvard Business School study suggests that being yourself at work has beneficial effects. Promoting employees’ self-expression at work may seem to conflict with organizational control but the researchers found that it can reduce turnover and increase productivity and job satisfaction.

I’m sure there are no straight answers to that. Authenticity in the workplace is a kind of balance: some self-expression is needed in order to make the most out of a person but you need to control yourself as well as relaxing too much will eventually harm the business. Thus, everyone has to find the balance between feeling free, comfortable with themselves and knowing their own limits.

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