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An outstanding internship report

If you have been accepted into the Erasmus Placement program, at the end of your internship you will have to provide your university with a report of your experiences in order to receive school credits. This report has to include three components: the outline and basic information of the company in which you did your internship, the summary of the work done, the specific aspects of the internship term that are relevant to your field and a critical analysis of the problems experienced. Importantly, the report must be concise and well-written.

First of all, in the description of the company it is important to give information about the mission, goals, industry and headquarters’ location, while other useful details could include the number of states and countries where the company is active, the number of employees and the annual sales.
In the description of your work duties, outline your specific responsibilities and activities and explain what the projects in which you were involved consisted of and the academic background requested. You should also give a detailed account of the specific technical functions of your position, pointing out the key data, equations or software that you generated or used and the names and functions of the machinery or instruments operated, analysing the application of the data of your particular project. The third part of your report consists of an explanation of the contributions that your work experience made to your career development, goals and growth and to your selection of future coursework. Among the courses you completed, assess the most or the least applicable to your internship, underline the distinctions between your education and work experience and evaluate the use that the internship made of your technical training background, pointing out your level of personal satisfaction and whether or not you would recommend this experience to others. In the last paragraph of the main body, outline the main obstacles you faced: you may find yourself dealing with challenges that you do not feel able to handle, or working in an environment which does not live up to your expectations. In any case, you should be able to stress how you maintained your professionalism, always working to find ways that are mutually beneficial to both you and the employer, that will help you solve the problems you are facing. As far as the style is concerned, favour short paragraphs over long ones and build them around topic sentences and keep yourself focused. Employ transition words at the beginning of pivotal sentences and paragraphs, in order to guide the reader’s thinking, and rely on active voice, rather than passive, especially when you describe your accomplishments. Moreover, take advantage of the most powerful punctuation marks to present material efficiently and use an honest and sincere tone, especially in the conclusion, when you assess the value of the internship to you personally. Last but not least, add an appendix: it allows you to include samples of written works, letters of evaluation and other documents. Only material directly referred to in other sections of the report should be included: therefore, you should be selective, including your most pertinent and best works.
By reading your report, your university representative has to be able to fully understand your achievements during the internship: be thorough and provide a complete account in order to have your apprenticeship recognised as soon as you finish it. It is advisable to start preparing your report during the first month, taking notes of your tasks day by day, to have a scheme to follow and to write it quickly. Depending on the number of credits you need, the length of the report has to be between three and twenty pages and it has to emphasize new or unique experiences, particularly concerning the objectives of the internship. Besides, it gives you the opportunity to write your reflections on the program and express the most meaningful aspects once the experience is completed.

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