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An internship: a job, but not only…

Maia Haas

As everybody knows, an internship is often a first or a new experience in the world of work. It’s time to learn from another environment and to put into practice what you know. Above all, this is a job, whether it is paid or not, it is part of your professional experience. That is why you have to do your best and also to adjust yourself to a work environment. But you have to know that an internship is certainly a job but this is not only a job, this is a real experience. Even if you are working most time of the week, you also have days off where you have to breathe and discover new places. As an intern in InternshipUK, you should move and enjoy your stay in the United Kingdom because it has so many things to offer. Near New Romney, you will find many things to do:

Canterbury: this city is a really nice place for those who enjoy typical English cities. There you will enjoy doing shopping, walking in the old city centre or even visiting the imposing cathedral of Canterbury which is really rich in history. This city is not so far from New Romney but you will have to take two different buses to go there (changes in Folkestone or Hythe). This destination suits very well interns who have a limited budget.

London: the capital of England has so many things to offer people. Enjoy your stay in London by visiting museums as the British Museum (free), the main monuments or by doing shopping in Oxford Street or Piccadilly Circus. It’s the perfect place if you want to spend a weekend with your friends, your family or even your colleagues. It is really cheap to go to London by bus however you must be aware that it takes 3 hours to travel from Hythe or Folkestone.

Ashford: many interns in New Romney know this city because it’s the first stop if you come in England by Eurostar. However, beyond its famous train station, Ashford is the most important city in Kent. You will find a shopping mall as well as many shops there. What’s more, you can go to London by train: it is only 38 minute long. There’s a bus which links directly New Romney to Ashford. However, pay attention because these buses don’t circulate on Sundays and bank holidays.

Folkestone: this is certainly the most important city near New Romney. Folkestone is more an industrial and harbour city than a traditional and typical town. However, the shopping mall Bouverie is well-known by all the interns as we spend a lot of time there. You will find shops such as Primark, New Look, Next, Poundland or ASDA. The journey to Folkestone lasts one hour. Moreover, InternshipUK owns an accomodation in Folkestone so don’t hesitate to spend your weekend there.

Dover: this city is well-known for its port area linking the United Kingdom with France (Calais). Dover has a strong industrial nature however, it is a really nice place to visit especially for its impressive castle. If you like to walk, go to the White Cliffs, you will enjoy taking a walk and admiring the view. The bus is direct from New Romney to Dover, you won’t have to change. It takes approximatively 1h30 to go there.

Dungeness: For those who enjoy vast wide spaces, Dungeness is the perfect place. You may think that you won’t find anything there, you will always find something as the Britannia Inn which callsitself “The Only Pub in Dungeness”. Moreover, the view is really pleasant with two lighthouses. Between fishing village and ghost town, Dungeness is really appreciated for its tranquillity.

Of course, for the most courageous of you, you can go further, it is absolutely not a problem. Whether you want to go to Cardiff, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton or Edinburgh, you will always find a way to live an incredible experience out of work.

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