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My Accounting Internship in the United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Jero. I’m 25 years old and I come from Spain.

I arrived in October and the weather was pretty good. This was strange as people had told me a lot of stories about the freezing weather in England. Soon this changed and weather started to be as described.  But never mind, I shared a house with 8-10 people so I never felt alone and definitely cold weather didn’t stop us from organizing trips to many places such as Dover, Canterbury, Ashford, Folkestone and of course London. I really enjoyed them all.

The first day of work was amazing. I had never been with people from so many nationalities. I was working with English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, and all of them treated me really well. This was my new family where everyone took care of everyone.

This internship was a great opportunity for me, not just to improve my English, but also to gain work experience. I studied Business and I was able to work in different departments such us Accounting, Marketing, HR and CRM (customer relationship management). Through this I was able to see the company as a whole and to understand how a company works, which was very beneficial for me as my goal is to become a good manager.

When working in the accounting department I was mainly responsible for collecting, recording and analyzing financial data. I recorded expenses and incomes and checked all the transactions through bank reconciliation. Using this data I evaluated performance of the company and prepared reports. When working in marketing I had to increase the impact and the popularity of the company among potential customers. My main goal was to optimize the number of hits on the existing websites. When working in HR, I was responsible for all the stages of recruiting people. I managed to do interviews over the phone and face to face.

I really enjoyed my internship and encourage everyone to apply!
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