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Football has completely changed throughout the last decades, it is using marketing, advertising or merchandising techniques now more than ever.

Over the last few years, the roles of professional managers or market analysts are becoming increasingly decisive. Indeed, they are working in order to foster new ideas and  concepts to attract more fans in football clubs.

How did technology change the way we watch football?

First of all, let us make a clear distinction between watching football and consuming football merchandise.

Actually, the fans are still keeping an eye on what is going on the pitch but social networks and applications allow them to comment the match and to receive constant information from various sources in real time.

For this reason, the AC Milan football club is investing in a CRM system that will survey the fans’ feedback and gather information from its customers’ social networks accounts in a database. The department will target them with different offers and membership options.

This strategy particularly plans to introduce a registration system in AC Milan’s websites that will redirect supporters to the club’s Facebook account. The Facebook account promotes the club’s values and bolsters their loyalty the team.

Knowing each supporter’s opinion represents an extraordinary opportunity that must be seized. Indeed it grants the club the possibility to interact directly with the supporters and to provide them with relevant information.

Since the life of some fans revolves around the club, they spend a lot of time supporting the team which can sometimes be really emotional. The club should know them individually.

The relevance of a membership card

The core fans are the key of the club’s marketing strategy.

AC Milan is redefining the membership conditions. The latest membership card will be available during the Milan-Roma match  set for the 15th of May.

The club sells 30 Euros annual membership cards which provide an early access to book tickets, an access to Milan’s online video player  and a welcome pack for entry-level memberships. The goals are growing the customer base and maintaining close relationships between the club and the fans in Italy but also across the world.

Focusing on the Chinese Market

China represents the core of Milan’s international strategy because it is a developing football market with a great potential.

The engagement with Chinese fans is a crucial part of this plan and AC Milan is putting tremendous efforts to build a solid base in Asia, looking at it as a rising football market.

Indeed, AC Milan is producing content specifically designed for China, including events on national festivals and celebrations. Players will be involved in special activities with fans such as web chat conversations, meetings or videos conference.

Furthermore the club is considering to create trips to San Siro for supporters who want to visit the stadium.

As the Italian football market is shrinking, the Asian market is becoming increasingly indispensable for rich football clubs to make benefits.


Nowadays, marketing is essential for football both for researching new investors and opening new communication channels that transform the match into a show, thanks to the progress of technology in the recent years.

Therefore to achieve success, football clubs will now look at introducing a marketing plan that matches the investor’s’ requirements, builds up an efficient brand image, ensures economic stability and the satisfaction of supporters.


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