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A bit of Airbnb

A bit of Airbnb

Having problems looking for the unconventional from the commercial? Looking for the best price with the best smile? You are in for a treat, and already half way. Keep in mind all you have learnt about social networking and suit yourself in this new way of getting the best whim-fitting accommodation option even while in the go.

Nowadays, when we want to book a hotel room, we would rather go directly to the commentary section instead of caring about the descriptions provided by the company itself. It seems logic that the most faithful information is going to be from customers that already used the services and not from the company that is trying to sell them. In some sort of a word-of-the-mouth system, clients are helping each other on the internet and companies are quite aware of this. Airbnb has made this possible so far, since guests and hosts can rate each other online in the hope of delivering a good experience to their counterparts. Just a series of bad reputational reviews and you’re done. The motivations of this active community are diverse in nature, but most of them simply feel the urgency of telling how they feel about it just for the sake of it. These emotional commentaries would normally end up being the last word in the final decision of the potential client.

Trouble is that this new sharing economy is exponentially growing and pushing out the traditional business models by creating a peer-to-peer standard from which everyone can benefit, hosts and travellers. Even when Airbnb claims to set up special plans for every city, to keep an open and transparent project, and most importantly, to educate users about the basics, many lawsuits have been raised against it. Worries are for traditional companies which see how fast the economy is changing and if nothing is done, are afraid to lose what they have built. The truth is Airbnb works in a sort of online cooperative system, thus more people are going to benefit from it than with old-school models, which are already suffering a tide of unavoidable transformations. A remainder should be that even sounding a bit utopic, this idea has to be taken into certain crucial guidelines always looking for decentralization and, as everything that wants to go big, it should provide a fair tax contribution to the local authorities. Otherwise, it could have the airs of an egalitarian project but the same results of an elitist industry.

Airbnb has been for the last past years an opportunity for many people struggling inside a world in which a little percentage of the total population controls a big part of the planet resources, especially in a country like the US, where this inequality has been growing considerably to frightening levels. For many, we are talking of the possibility of being able or not to pay the bills, the mortgage or the most basic needs. Testimonies are all over the place suggesting that we should take this more seriously. Like in any democratised project, it needs as much participation as possible.

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