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7 reasons to start your internship in New Romney

Let’s be honest: we all need to improve our English whether spoken or written. But is that enough of a reason to leave our cosy nest? Pack your stuff, we’re going around the seven reasons why you need to start this internship in New Romney.

1. The wonderful weather

This is the first thing that’ll strike you (pun intended). Lightning and rain will come at you before you even got your hand on this blasted umbrella — where in the world did you put it?

2. Forever punctual

You stayed in bed longer than you should have and now you’re going to be late on your first day? Don’t worry! The other interns will use all the water at once so you won’t be able to shower. That can wait until the evening, doesn’t it?

3. Make friends from all around the world

You’ll be amazed at the diversity of cultures you’ll find! Go ahead and meet people from Italy, France, Italy, France…

4. Stay healthy

One of the most amazing features of the accommodation is the fitness room: treadmill, exercise bike, weight benches… Wait, did I forget to mention that shelf full of Nutella and Speculoos cream?

5. Get some deserved rest

Keep in mind that to make the best of this experience you’ll need to get those eight hours of sleep. Now you’ll tell me you want to have some fun, but that won’t be a problem. Have you ever thought of doing both at the same time? With our new super thin walls, attend thank you parties from your bed! Now available every night.

6. Stay updated

What would life be like without internet connection? Here in New Romney everything is planned for your personal well-being and WiFi is not an option. This is why you have an unlimited free access to WiFi outside working hours and outside rest hours. Awesome!

7. Smooth return trip

Last but not least, you want to make sure you’ll get back home without any problems. Rest assured, your friends will do everything they can in order to secure your trip. Wait, guys, what are you saying…? I know, I’ll miss you too!… Stop it, you’ll make me cry…

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