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Doing an internship is the perfect opportunity to gain more confidence and skills in your own field. For many internship is the first working experience, and therefore finding the best possible internship can be very crucial to their career in the future. Doing an internship in the UK will also offer an chance to improve […]

The importance of Technology

Today’s society is different from the one that existed not so many years ago. Our society is constantly changing. The most important characteristics of our era are the transformation, transmission and dominion of information. We live in an informatic society where the leading role has been given to new technologies, especially those devoted to informatics. Our society […]

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Business needs English

Business today is in every moment of our lives. It’s everywhere: when we go to the supermarket, when we take the bus, when we go to the pub till the highest level of work. Business needs English, if people want to communicate in the whole world, you have to learn English, so, if you want […]

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The corporate like a community

  After a period in the industrial sector to tertiary sector, the roles on the workplace have changed. Indeed, there has been a transfer from factories to the world of services, thus it is born the necessity to think about people’s needs like satisfaction, self-esteem, motivation, ideals, values, desire to do. The community is a place […]

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How to use psychology with marketing

To understand the customer, the marketing department can study his behaviour. So, we can link marketing and psychology. The marketing department has to understand the purchasing behaviour by doing surveys about it. But you need mathematical and statistical knowledge in order to do that. You should try to explain this purchasing behaviour to anticipate the success or […]

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Video maker is a real work

Making videos is really simple today. Everybody has a smart phone, which can record HD videos. Everybody can buy a reflex camera, which has professional properties for a very good price. All these things make people tend to think that video maker is not a real work, because they think that everybody can “become” one. But it […]

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Women in French media

In France, only 10 to 15% of French journalists are women. The world of media is still under the control of men. Even if the number of women is increasing year after year the parity is still very rare and even more in sports. In television and radio, France is far behind in terms of […]

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The SWOT is the analysis of the environment of a company. Thanks to this method, you can study the internal environment and the external environment of the company you want to know more about. The SWOT can be presented as a table or as a list. In every categorie you have to put maximum 5 […]

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The importance of working abroad

I study in a business school in France and this year I had to find an internship abroad. I wanted to go to England to improve my English. I wanted to use what I learnt at school in a real life situation. So, I have chosen to work in the marketing/accounting department because I study […]

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Differences between UK and France in business

UK and France are two different countries. They don’t have the same system and the same habits of working. Firstly, English people work more than French people. Indeed in France, we work 35 hours per week, maximum. In England it is at least 37 hours per week. We can do extra hours but it is […]

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How important is the Brand image

This is a period in which the concept of identity is very popular because it is not stable as in the past but it is always changing. In the past, there were more elements of stability such as the family, the religion and so on. Now, the experiences are fundamental for us and these are […]

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