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Doing an internship is the perfect opportunity to gain more confidence and skills in your own field. For many internship is the first working experience, and therefore finding the best possible internship can be very crucial to their career in the future. Doing an internship in the UK will also offer an chance to improve […]

How to Avoid Conflict with Your Boss?

Maia Haas At work, to avoid a conflict can be a real difficulty; everyone is different and think differently. Conflicts and sometimes even confrontations can be productive in some cases, but there are also circumstances in which avoid a direct conflict is wiser, especially with your boss. Arguing with your boss can cost you your […]

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How to Deal with Difficult Co-Workers?

Pauline Le Guilloux In any workplace, there is at least one person with whom you do not really get along. Given how much time you spend at work, having a bad relationship with a co-worker can really affect your mood and your job performance. The environment, including the people with whom you work, often makes […]

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Attitude and behaviour at work

The behaviour at work depends on the attitude, and both can influence the atmosphere and the productivity within the workplace. Attitude is the way of thinking or feeling about something, and it describes the way a person feels inside. The feelings towards the environment and the company, the colleagues and the position in the company […]

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How Business Incubator Can Help You to Create Your Own Company?

Pauline Le Guilloux You have a lot of innovative ideas, but you are still a student and the idea of creating your own company, now, seems out of reach? It is not too late to take advantage of the incubators. First of all what are “Business incubators”? These are organizations that support start-ups and young […]

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How to overcome your shyness?

Many people think they are very shy and don’t want to speak loud in font of strangers or people in general. These people can overcome shyness by training themselves and stop being afraid of what other people think about them. During your whole life, people will judge, criticize and say mean things about you but […]

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How to avoid conflict in a flat share?

Pauline Le Guilloux Learning how to effectively manage the room-mate relationship is an essential skill for students.The first thing to do in a collocation is to establish rules before needing them. Don’t wait until someone forgets to pay their share of the rent to figure out what happens when someone does not pay the rent. […]

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The hardest part of the trip that nobody talks about

By Valeria Zilio You discover the world, you make new experiences, you meet people, you fall in love, you visit unforgettable places, you learn to know new cultures and suddenly everything stops. People often speak about the voyage and the moment they left, but does anyone speak about going back home? We speak about the […]

Can you study all your life?

Pauline Le Guilloux It is almost the end of your studies and you’re wondering if you can pursue learning all your life? Can you still be a student when 40 years old? Today, there are more and more options to study longer. Education institutions offer many alternatives like part-time studies, evening classes, online courses, or […]

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Student life

Pauline Le Guilloux Since I was a child, I’ve heard a lot of things about student life. I remember waiting impatiently for this period of life, and now that I have been a student for 5 years, I am wondering what my student life really was. As far as I’m concerned, I could associate these […]

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Do you know your personality?

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychological instrument which identifies a person’s personality type, their strengths and preferences, and how they perceive the world and makes decisions. This psychometric questionnaire is one of the most used in the world. It was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs, putting into practice […]

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