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Doing an internship is the perfect opportunity to gain more confidence and skills in your own field. For many internship is the first working experience, and therefore finding the best possible internship can be very crucial to their career in the future. Doing an internship in the UK will also offer an chance to improve […]


Everybody knows there is a thousand ways to learn one thing, but very often either these ways are wrong or you don’t follow them properly. In this article, I want to show you how you can do to meet your goal (which, in that case, consists in understanding a new thing). The first step is […]

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Glimpses into Internship-UK: the IT Department

The days before starting an internship can be really tantalising. We ask ourselves: What will we do? How our colleagues will be? And so on. This article might help those of you who are wondering about the IT department of Internship-UK. The current IT team, consisting of our incredibly helpful and favourite nerds Cyril (the […]

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The CRM Experience

Within the CRM department, all of the client enquiries are dealt with through emails, telecommunication and through our database server. Many partner hotels are linked with our supplier and we are the connection between these hotels’ networking system. Our job entails good communication skills to answer all enquiries professionally and as company protocol edicts with […]

Evaluating Opportunities

Starting a new project, a new business or just preparing a job interview, you need to be ready for all eventualities. Sometimes even for those you never thought about before. SWOT analysis can help you there. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats analysis and is a good means to implement if you want […]

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How to make your Business Model

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you constantly thinking about how to add value to one’s organisation? Or are you just looking for innovative ways of doing business? If one of your answers to those questions is “yes”, you are most likely to make a business model. A business model describes the main idea of ways […]

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EQ – Emotional Intelligence

Everybody knows what IQ is and almost everybody has calculated his or her IQ once or twice. Probably not with the official tests, but with some of the approximate tests online or the various games that were devised to measure and increase people’s intelligence. However, a new quotient has been created that has the potential […]

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Delivering Presentations Successfully

Already in school we are supposed to deliver them. Some write a text they read out. Others have flash cards and then there are those who just talk. For some, delivering a presentation is one of the scariest things they can be forced to do. Others enjoy the sensation of being in the spotlight. It […]

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My first weekend!

For my first weekend in New Romney, a dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Folkestone was organised. I was happy to go and enjoyed it a lot. Folkestone is located about 25 km from New Romney, so to go there I had to take the bus. It took about 50 minutes, so I had the time […]

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Studying Spanish? Mañana, mañana

I wanted to learn Spanish, and what better way to do it than to study the foreign language in its country of origin itself. I wanted to chose a big city with a lot of young people thus Barcelona looked like the right place to go. The journey was exciting and to my surprise, went […]

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Learning Styles – Are you the visual, auditory or kinesthetic type?

The world today is all about soft skills. Every Tom, Dick and Harry can complete his education and training and constitute his hard skills. Soft skills, however, are much more elusive. A PMA attitude or adaptability are not exactly traits that can be easily acquired. They are more akin to characteristics, predisposition we either have […]

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