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Doing an internship is the perfect opportunity to gain more confidence and skills in your own field. For many internship is the first working experience, and therefore finding the best possible internship can be very crucial to their career in the future. Doing an internship in the UK will also offer an chance to improve […]

Social networks

Kahina MERBAH Since the Internet has grown famous, it has helped in seeking and sharing information easily and in a new way that had never been used before. Thus, social network sites (SNS) have been created to offer a virtual communication. Social networks are completely anchored in nowadays’ society. The 21th century has been the […]

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Πως να ξεπεράσεις τη συστολή σου

Pauline Le Guilloux Κοκκινίζεις, πανικοβάλεσαι, φοβάσαι να μιλήσεις μπροστά σε κοινό, ή ακόμα αδυνατείς να πεις όχι … η συστολή είναι πιθανότατα το πιο κοινή αδυναμία. Η συστολή, σε βαθμό υπερβολικό ισούται με πόνο: ροκανίζει την καθημερινότητα σου και σε κάνει να περνάς δίπλα από τις ευκαιρίες. Πώς να ξεπεράσεις αυτή τη δυσκολία του να […]

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How to overcome your shyness?

Pauline Le Guilloux Blushing, panic, fear of speaking in public, or emotional inability to say no … Shyness is probably the most common weakness. Excessive shyness means pain: it rots your daily life and makes you pass up many opportunities. How to overcome this difficulty of being towards others? Be confident What you need to […]

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The future of communication

The world of business depends on the consumers’ way of thinking and feeling. In the last few years, a new field of economics called Neuromarketing, has emerged. Neuromarketing applies the techniques of neuroscience to marketing, with the aim of studying how advertising and other forms of communication affect the human brain. The aim is to […]

Το μέλλον της επικοινωνίας

Ο κόσμος των επιχειρήσεων βασίζεται στον τρόπο που σκέφτεται και αισθάνεται ο καταναλωτής. Τα τελευταία χρόνια, έχει έρθει στο προσκήνιο ένας νέος κλάδος στην επιστήμη των οικονομικών, το επονομαζόμενο Νευρομάρκετινγκ. Το Νευρομάρκετινγκ εφαρμόζει τις τεχνικές της νευροεπιστήμης στο μάρκετινγκ με σκοπό να μελετήσει το πως η διαφήμιση αλλά και άλλες μορφές επικοινωνίας επηρεάζουν τον ανθρώπινο […]

How important it is to do an internship

The whole of Europe and especially Southern countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, are currently going through one of the biggest crisis in their history. And that is on the latter I want to focus. One of the consequences that crisis brought to those countries is a humongous unemployment rate, reaching figures that had […]

Why it is important to do internships abroad

Everyone in your school, university or private life is speaking about doing internships abroad or spending a semester at a university, in a foreign country. Your teachers and parents keep telling you that you should gain some experience abroad. And furthermore, all your friends keep posting pictures in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from their experiences […]

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Welcome to Tenerife

Welcome to Tenerife – The city of sun, sea and sand Tenerife is the biggest and best-known Canary Island located in the west of Morocco. This amazing city receives over 10 million visitors a year and over the leisure you can find a culture and civil island with an extraordinary culture diversity. Information & facts […]


Σήμερα, η τεχνολογία αποτελεί ένα πραγματικά σημαντικό κομμάτι της καθημερινής μας ζωής. Τη χρησιμοποιούμε στην επικοινωνία μας με τους άλλους, στην ενημέρωση μας για τα τρέχοντα νέα, για να ακούμε μουσική, για να πάμε καπου, για να κλείσουμε τα αεροπορικά μας εισιτήρια και φυσικά για να βρούμε εργασία. Το να παρουσιάζεις τον εαυτό σου με […]

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Nowadays, technology is really important in our everyday lives. We use it to communicate with others, to read the news, to listen to music, to go somewhere, to book a flight and, of course, to find a job. It is becoming more and more important to find different ways to introduce yourself, than the most […]

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