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Doing an internship is the perfect opportunity to gain more confidence and skills in your own field. For many internship is the first working experience, and therefore finding the best possible internship can be very crucial to their career in the future. Doing an internship in the UK will also offer an chance to improve […]

How to benefit from multiculturalism in Internship­-UK?

Everybody knows that it’s not easy to live with people belonging to different cultures: we don’t eat the same meals, we don’t like the same music or movies, we don’t have the same lifestyle, the same humour or the same way of thinking and speaking. We’ve acquired all the things mentioned above through our education […]

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Have you ever had the weird and annoying feeling that there is something missing in your everyday life but you don’t know exactly what it is? Have you ever felt uncomfortable with everything in a way that the only good thing you could think about was giving up with your routine and change your life […]

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Starting a new period of life – my arrival in New Romney

How would it be to travel the first time alone? Would it be easy to get from the airport to New Romney (UK)? How would the internship and especially the people be? Would I miss my family and friends? When I started my journey on Monday, 5th January, from Stuttgart Airport (Germany), I was really […]


Communicate as a family

Communication is used every day, it includes all kinds of messages we send: words, tone of voice, looks, facial expressions and the way we look at other people. However, it is important to remember that there are differences in communication, whether we communicate in a professional or private context. We can say there are four […]

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Body Language: how to shape our mind and become a powerful person.

Before speaking how our body can help us to become a powerful person and how people through their body language show power or the lack of it, we should talk about what body language is, also known as non-verbal communication. As we have already said, body language or non-verbal behaviour is a real form of […]

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How to become a confident person

Let us start with having a look why becoming a confident person is important for you with comparing a confident person and an unconfident person. You can see whether a person is confident or not, at first glance. The unconfident person has a sad face, stands unsteadily and tries to not attract attention. The unconfident […]

Experience of a life time

Before going to university or the like, most individuals are protected within the family nest. They are often naive and do not imagine what is in store for them just a few years later. Only after arriving at university are we abandoned to ourselves to gain experience for our perfect future job. At this point […]

Cultural Conflict – what we can learn from communal living

Most of us interns normally live in small families, with their boy- or girlfriends or completely on their own, so it can be a drastic change when we are suddenly constantly surrounded by people, especially when they have diverse cultural backgrounds. However, every new and challenging situation can teach us something about ourselves or other […]

Cooperation vs competition: internship vs academic studies

We all know how it works. We all know that money means power and power means money. We all know that nobody gives you anything free. We all know that success is achieved through fight and struggle. Indeed, the animal we use to represent a boss or a famous lawyer is a shark, not a […]

How to stay positive in a complex situation

Complex situations can occur anywhere, at any time : making a significant mistake at work, or wandering astray in a country abroad, the most important thing to learn is how to manage to get out of such a situation. For example, if you are doing your internship in New Romney, you may take the wrong […]

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